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Yes, We Give You Listing Options!

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We understand that if you are selling a home here in Virginia Beach, or the greater Hampton Roads area that you may not be in the same situation as your neighbors who are selling their home. Some homeowners might want an opportunity to save money on agent commissions; may not be in a situation where they can afford a full agent commission or they might want an opportunity to find their own home buyers and avoid agent commissions altogether. Other homeowners might not want to take on the daunting and sometimes stressful task of selling their home on their own, have the financial ability to pay agent commissions, and would rather have a Realtor take full responsibility to sell their home. That's why we give you two listing options to choose from.

1. Full MLS Listing - Exclusive Right to Sell (Standard MLS Listing)

This is your typical listing whereby your Listing Firm has an exclusive right to sell and performs as a Standard Agent and has full responsibility to sell your home.

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2. Flat Fee MLS Listing - Exclusive Agency (Money Savings)

This listing option gives you, the home seller, an opportunity to find a qualified buyer on your own, while still reaping the benefits of an MLS Listing. You save on agent listing commissions because the Listing Firm has Limited Responsibilities. You save even more money you find your own home buyer.

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The Flat Fee MLS Listing is a great money saving tool, however we only recommend this type of listing to homeowners who feel they can price and prepare their home correctly for sale, have the time and energy it takes to coordinate and schedule showings with perspective buyers and buyer's agents, can attend all required or requested home buyer inspections, and have the support necessary to negotiate and safely get you through the closing of escrow once you have a buyer contract in hand.

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Ed Graybill
Ed Graybill
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