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     Many first time buyers believe that they have to pay their agent a commission. That's a misconception! Per a brokerage agreement, Realtors represent their buyer client's best interest and not the seller's. However, we are typically paid from the seller's proceeds at closing. When a homeowner lists a home for sale through a Multiple Listing Service they must agree to compensate the buyer's agent as well as the listing agent. If you plan to buy a home, please consult a Realtor from the very beginning. They should be your first call. Look at it as free professional help!

Listing Services
     We believe not every homeowner has the same goal when trying to sell their home. Therefore we offer a choice in how you would like to list and sell your home.

I became a Realtor in 2003 just a year before retiring from the U.S. Navy and real estate has been my full time job ever since.

Because real estate is full time for me, unlike many other Realtors, I am fully available without distraction to work together with you, as a team, towards a goal of home ownership, or if the case may be, to sell your current home here in the Virginia Beach / Hampton Roads area for the highest value it can bring.

Whether you are a home buyer or a homeowner selling your home, between my years of know how and experience and my team of experts (mortgage loan officers, attorneys, title agencies, home inspectors, etc.) we can guide you through your process giving you all the information you need to be an informed buyer or seller. You'll find that makes for a stress free you and a smooth transaction.

I love doing business with business owners who have a true passion for what they do and deal with their  clients honestly, with integrity and a desire to do a quality job. That's why you will find those same qualities in me as we work together to fulfill your real estate needs. Please read my client testimonials.

My 20 years of military experience uniquely qualifies me to provide special real estate needs and relocation assistance, when needed, to all Hampton Roads military personnel. I served more than half of my Naval career in the Hampton Roads area. As a result, I have a thorough knowledge of the area, which helps me to better serve all of my clients' needs. I've assisted military personnel transferring from as far away as Stuttgart Germany.


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Ed Graybill
Ed Graybill
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